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When to Consider Product Sampling

September 18, 2017

We believe product sampling is beneficial at all times, but here are three times that are extra great opportunities to start (or restart) a sampling program.

1. New Products

If you have a new product (or product line) launching, this is a great time to start a sampling program! With a sampling program, you can get great feedback on how to make your product better, back up its greatness with reviews, and maybe even get some word-of-mouth recommendations.

2. Seasonal Products

The time to sell seasonal products is short, which is why it is important to generate reviews as quickly as possible. Using a pre-season sampling program will greatly increase your sales once the season hits!

3. Targeted Products

It can be hard to reach a specific demographic by just throwing your product out into the market. Instead, consider using a sampling program to help build a strong customer base before releasing your product to the public.

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