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The Six Steps to Purchasing

June 5, 2017

In 1961, Robert J. Lavidge and Gary A. Steiner proposed a model in the Journal of Marketing to outline the six-step process in which a customer will purchase your product, called the Lavidge-Steiner Model. They propose that a customer will take these steps before purchasing a product, and offer ways that marketers (like us!) can help our customers along.


The step to awareness comes when a customer simply learns that your product exists. This step can be as simple as walking past your product in the store.


Customers gain knowledge about your product as they learn more about it. This step is often accompanied by ads, whether on social media, print or television, that describe your product’s features, price and other important information.


This step is reached when your customers begin to have emotions and opinions about your product. Some companies help their customers to this step by employing brand ambassadors and promoting positive reviews others have had with their product.


Customers create a preference about a product when you differentiate it from other similar products. What makes you better?


Testing and/or sampling your product is crucial to get your customers convicted to purchase your product. That’s where we come in. Niche Sampling provides an avenue for marketers to efficiently and effectively reach and influence the purchase habits of your target audience through sampling programs. This step to conviction is the last one needed to get your customers to purchase your product. Don’t get stuck here! Let us help.


You know the drill! Happy customer, happy company.

Needless to say, getting customers to purchase your product is often impossible without product sampling. It is very rare to get consumers to give their money without knowing how a product will affect them and better their lives. Here at Niche Sampling, we believe in the importance of product sampling, and want to help you get to that final step.

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