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The Importance of Meditation

September 11, 2017

Emma M. Seppälä, Ph.D. devoted her PhD research at Stanford to finding the scientific impacts of meditation. What she found is listed below. Sound too good to be true? Click the links for direct scientific proof.

Meditation boosts your health.

Meditation has the power to increase your immune function, while decreasing pain and inflammation at the cellular level.

Meditation boosts your happiness.

Meditation increases positive emotion and decreases depression, anxiety and stress.

Meditation boosts your social life.

Yes, most people meditate alone, but when you spend time with others, meditation increases your sense of connection to them. It makes you more compassionate and feel less lonely.

Meditation boosts your self-control.

Meditation improves your ability to regulate your emotions, as well as your ability to introspect.

Meditation changes your brain.

Meditation literally increases the grey matter in your brain, with significant volume increase in areas related to emotion regulation, positive emotions and self-control. It also increases cortical thickness in areas related to paying attention.

Meditation improves your productivity.

It improves your focus and attention, your ability to multitask, it improves your memory as well as your ability to be creative.

Many people are intimidated by meditation. They think it needs to be perfect, or is associated with a religion they don’t agree with, or simply don’t know where to start. The great part of meditation is that it can be whatever you want it to be.

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