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Product Sampling ROI and Effectivness

November 27, 2018

Product sampling is a great way to generate sales. It’s a growing and popular method because of the impressive ROI (Return On Interest).

For example, a recent family festival handed out 1,500 sample bottles of a product. Of those who receive the free sample, 70% enquired further about the product. Most importantly, two-thirds said they would consider ditching their current product for this new one they had just sampled.

According to FMCG, the likelihood to purchase after recipe ing a sample can range between 20% to 90%. Product sampling has become a very popular tool with marketing professionals over the years. Retailers are also embracing sampling to the same degree as manufacturers. With product sampling, you are able to target the right customers, increase the size of categories, and encourage others to try something new.

The ROI on product sampling has been proven to have along lasting impact on sales. You are able to build brand loyalty and develop a positive brand image through product sampling. Previous studies have shown that consumers are more receptive to sampling new products compared to more established brands.

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