Niche Sampling Inc.

Product Sampling During The Holidays

October 26, 2018

Have you ever thought about fitting your product sampling into the holidays? It’s a great time of year to do so! Giving during the holiday season can be great for business and great for consumers. Here are some reasons why you should try product sampling during this holiday season.

You can present your product in a new way – showcase the product so it fits in with a certain experience. Give them different ideas on how the product can be used.

Make it annual – Holidays typically occur once per year, so you can make it an every year tradition. Use that opportunity ever year to grow your product sampling.

Social Media & Imagery – If you’re promoting your product sampling digitally you can use holiday images to dress up your products. This can help to appeal to a wider audience.

Bonus – The holiday season is the time of giving after all. Perhaps you create a bonus for your costumers to win. Promotions like these will help to expand any product sampling programs.