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Product Sampling and Brand Image

March 12, 2018

According to Dr. Insaf Ben Amor & Pr. Francis Guilbert’s study on “The Effects of Product Sampling on Brand Image,” product sampling has a positive effect on family brand image.

To determine this, Amor & Guilbert conducted the following experiment:

Distributed bags containing four samples with different product types: two perfume, one skin care and one make up samples. Two questionnaires were inserted into the bag in order to measure brand image before and after sampling. When giving the treatment and after explaining the survey objectives, subjects were asked to complete the first questionnaire, the same day of receiving the samples (at the perfumery). They were also asked to fulfill the second questionnaire a month after samples delivery and to give it back to the perfumery. In order to maximize the feedback, respondents were informed that a makeup bag will be offered when giving the second questionnaire back. Also, messages were sent on each respondent mobile phone (subjects have given their mobile phone number and their loyalty card number when they received the treatment) to remember them to fulfill the questionnaires and to give them back in order to get the gift.

Their results confirmed their original hypothesis, which was that product sampling has a positive effect on family brand image. The answers they received from the survey respondents showed a statistically significant increase in their perception of the brand’s overall image.

To see the full results, check them out here.