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Benefits of Sampling when Marketing a New Product

December 12, 2017

We can’t think of any times sampling isn’t a good idea, but when it comes to marketing a new product, sampling is a great idea, and here’s why:

  1. Exposure. Sampling your product is a great way to get it out into the world! Instead of waiting for people to purchase your product on their own (which can take a long time), give them a small sample that gives them a taste of what your product is all about. This gets them interested in buying more, and sharing with their friends!
  2. Consumer Feedback. Once your product is in the hands of sampling program participants, they can provide you with valuable feedback that can help you enhance your product for the next round of sampling and, ultimately, selling.
  3. Cost effectiveness. Sampling is so cost effective for marketing a new product. Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising, focus groups and more, sampling allows you to not only garner interest in your product, but to get feedback as well.

Convinced yet? Sampling is such a great way to market a new product that needs a little boost to get started. Contact us today to get going!

Written with help from Chron.