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Perfect Post-Workout Snacks

August 7, 2017

We all experience the same dilemma: what do I eat after working out? Obviously, stopping at McDonald’s for a BigMac and McFlurry is out of question, but just an apple leaves our tummies grumbling. With the help of Reader’s Digest, we’ve compiled a list of perfect post-workout snacks to refuel your tired muscles and fill your hungry stomach.

Greek yogurt, orangesĀ and peppers

iStock/ThinkStock via Readers Digest

Maybe not all together, but this combo has Vitamin C in the peppers and oranges help keep your muscles from getting too sore, and the yogurt restores energy with carbs and protein.

Whole grain waffles with yogurt and almond butter

iStock/ThinkStock/Getty Images via Reader’s Digest

Need we say more? This sounds delicious, workout or not!

Cottage cheese & blueberry toast

Adam Gault/Getty Images/iStock/ThinkStock/Sandra Hudson-Knapp/Getty Images via Reader’s Digest

This yummy combo will give your body what it needs to recover from a tough workout, not to mention a full stomach to keep you full till your next meal.

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